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The FCG treatment service is committed to supporting clients during and post their involvement in the legal system to reduce the impact of their mental health which may contribute to, or be a result of, their legal interactions, and assist them to overcome these challenges in order to rebuild their lives.

We treat clients who have one or several of the following:

  • involvement in the criminal justice system to address underlying mental health issues, personality, and substance use which may contribute to their offending and risks

  • are involved in family law proceedings which can be protracted and highly distressing and require support, or who may need to engage in treatment as part of Family Court requirements. We recognize family law often intersects with criminal proceedings and can provide interventions for both.

  • have psychological issues secondary to personal injury

  • have suffered institutional abuse or other traumatic incidents​


  • are facing immigration issues including refugees and asylum seekers, those facing deportation, or those who require psychological support whilst they are detained, or whilst preparing protection visa applications.

Our psychologists have expertise in treating a range of mental health issues, including depression, anxiety, trauma, chronic pain, adjustment issues, ADHD, autism, anger management, conflict management, personality issues, alcohol and drug use, gambling issues, as well as other severe psychiatric conditions including psychotic disorders and Bipolar Disorder.


Criminal, Family & Civil Matter Treatment

FCG offer individuals currently involved in the legal system for various matters treatment for their mental health and/or require offence-specific interventions. This can commence during Court proceedings, whilst individuals are in the community or in custody, in immigration detention, are on bail, as part of a community-based order, or whilst on parole.

Our forensic psychologists are skilled in providing offence-specific treatment for violent (including family violence and stalking) and sexual offending, with training in treating CAM offences as well. Our treatment psychologists having previously worked in Corrections in various States, and in Forensicare and Caraniche (VIC) providing both individual interventions and group programs.

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Attentive Therapist

Institutional Abuse & Personal Injury Treatment

FCG offer treatment to individuals prior to, during, and post their involvement with the legal system for institutional abuse matters as well as compensation claims related to other personal and psychological injury.

This can commence at any stage of the legal proceedings or post; we provide services to individuals whilst they are in the community or in custody, and to those incarcerated or residing in different States in Australia. We also have the capacity and experience to provide services to those who now reside overseas.

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Therapy Session

Immigration Matter Treatment

FCG offers specialized treatment for individuals currently involved in immigration proceedings. Our forensic psychologists are skilled in providing treatment that is culturally appropriate and inclusive, are experienced in providing treatment with assistance of interpreters, and understand the particular challenges which are faced by clients with immigration matters pending before the AAT and Department of Home Affairs.

They are particularly attuned to the difficulties faced by individuals in detention or in the community who are facing visa cancellation/deportation which may be due to criminal offending or other factors, those who are refugees or seeking asylum in Australia due to protection issues, and migrants who are experiencing difficulty adjusting.

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Female Patient

Forensic Treatment Programs

Coming soon.

Interested in treatment?

Treatment sessions are completed via videoconference which allows flexibility with clients both in- and out-of-custody, interstate and those residing overseas, ensuring their mental health needs are being adequately treated regardless of their location.​


Medicare rebates available through Mental Health Treatment Plans (out of custody only).


​Immediate appointments - no waitlist.

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