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Forensic services

We offer a professional and unique service in psycholegal assessment and reports for Court for a range of criminal and civil litigation matters which may include:

Specialising in Forensic Reports & Assessments

Drug Offences

​Personal use/possession

​(commercial and simpliciter)

​Importation /  manufacture / cultivation

Family Court

Single Expert Witness

Civil Litigation & Medicolegal

Institutional Abuse


WorkCover & TAC

Personal injury

Professional Competency Evaluations


Medical Board

Legal Services Board

Psychological Fitness To Work


Driving Offences

​DUI & culpable driving

Dangerous/reckless driving

Unlicenced and unregistered driving

Traffic offences

Fine Applications

Criminal Offences

Manslaughter & Murder


Firearms & weapons

Assault, sexual or violent offences 

Child abuse material and child sex offences


Drug Offences

Dishonesty and fraud offences

Driving offences

All Summary & Indictable Offences

Specialised Assessments including Risk

​Personality assessment


ADHD assessment

Specialised risk assessments for violent and sexual offenders reoffending, arson, stalking, substance abuse, and intimate partner violence

SORA Reporting Obligations Applications

Firearm Licensing 


What Is Forensic

Forensic psychology is the application of clinical psychology to the legal system in order to investigate, understand, analyse, and prevent criminal behaviour. Forensic psychologists have specialised training which enables them to provide expert opinion and prepare court reports relating to psycholegal matters. These include pre-sentence and mitigation assessments, general risk assessments, sexual and violence risk assessment.


In addition to criminal matters, assessments are often required for civil litigation including Family Court matters relating to parenting and child custody arrangements or disputes, personal injury, medico-legal and compensation claims.

Professional Development

FCG offer consultancy and provision of workshops/training to legal professionals and other mental health professionals
In addition, we offer supervision and/or collaborative practice with other treating mental health professionals on forensic matters.

 Scales of Justice
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